Honorary "S" Club Members

2016  Brad Fuller and Steve Kittelson
2015  Barb and Mike Lowe
2014  Jim Gerber and Eric Smedal
2013  Tim Rusch and Mary Nordland
2012  Laura and Bob Klitzke / Jo and Dennis Sheehan
2011  Mark Rostowfske and Troy Wieser
2010  Palmer Jacobson and Rich Rietzner
2009  Larry Deutsch and Joe Palumbo
2008  Bob Greiber and Jim Martin
2007  Rich Hall and Scott Sharp
2006  Teresa and Dan Pirkl
2005  Dale Tyler and Craig Wood
2004  Ford Horn and Terry Vosberg
2003  Randy Olson and Dave Skavlen
2002  Dan Lauretic and David Nielsen
2001  Richard Wethal and Dr. Virgil Martinson
2000  Pryor T. Smith and Archie Christensen
1999  Bev Pieper and Iver Wersland
1998  Tom Chose and Todd Kittelson
1997  Vern Pieper and Paul Selbo
1996  John Gerber
1995  Tom Stokes and Gary Morstad
1994  Scott Stokes and Don Hagen
1993  Pat Christensen and Arnie Slettum
1992  Eddie Seils and Carol Skavlen
1991  Bill Koenig and John/Florence Sphatt
1990  Harvey Anderson and Willis Goedel
1989  Steve Grady and Sid Hjortland
1988  Dr. David Nelson and Dave Stronach
1987  Ray Kluever and Dr. Frank Nichols
1986  James Quale and Dr. David Smedal
1985  Wayne Nelson and Nels Vike
1984  Ronald Furseth and Robert Sorenson
1983  Barb Veum and Carl Tyler
1982  Richard Volenberg and Harold Peterson
1981  Ken LePine and Tom Wisersky
1980  Linda Knight and Dr. Phil Schoenbeck
1979  William Kurtz and DeVerne Mathison
1978  Roger Utermark and Bob Gilbert
1977  Bob Wersland and Marv Klitzke
1976  Mel Christianson and Bill Holzhuter
1975  Jim Smithback and Faye Erickson
1974  Art Lacy, Jr. and Leo Hvam
1973  Ole Alme and Dr. F.M. Schammel
1972  Rodger Nelson and Fred Mattingly
1971  Bob Nyhagen and Alvin Stokstad
1970  Herb Swenson and Bob Halverson
1969  Oscar Forton and Louis Lacy
1968  Lester McCaffrey and Leif Pederson
1967  Olaf Sundby and Odvar Haug
1966  Doug Pfundheller and Carroll Erickson
1965  Ralph Schaal and Erwin Racquet
1964  Warren Selbo and Howard Arneson
1963  Hank Kirby and Marty Bostrack
1962  Ben Beske and Roy Paton Jr.
1961  Rev. L. Borgen and Clarence Asperheim
1961  Rolfe Hanson and Ing Johnson
1960  Oscar Assen and Alvin Everson
1960  Fritz Hoverson and Amby Osterheld
1959  Stan Campbell and Ward Hanson
1959  Dr. F.C. Henderson and Norman Nyhagen
1958  Howard Holtan and Dr. V.W. Nordholm
1957  Rev. H.L. Anderson and Harry Miedema
1956  Obed Norem and Walter Netterblad